Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Break: At Home By The Numbers

Number of hours spent in airports or on a plane: more than 9 but less than 10

Number of orange sherbet pushups I've eaten: 3

Number of new hats I got: 2

Number of times I've had deliciously wonderful thin crust pizza: only 1, but by the end of break it'll be at least 3

Number of episodes of White Collar I've watched: 8

Number of times a day I check to see if any grades are posted: 15

Number of times I threw up before 10 am yesterday: You don't want to know

Number of cookies I've eaten: A lot. I probably shouldn't say, thought it's unrelated to the reversals of fortune I endured the other day

Number of hours of CTFxC I've watched: At least 4

Number of hours of other YouTube I've watched: Well, including the 4 or more of CTFxC, it's somewhere along the lines of I've completely lost track and you'd be surprised in the worst way because the number is pretty exorbitant

Number of presents I've wrapped: 0 (This will be changing once I finish this blog post)

Number of tweets I've tweeted: Only 10

Number of days that were made better after @shaycarl responded to me: all of them

Number of views I got on my How I've made Happiness a choice post: 98

Number of dollars I've earned on Sky Burger: $7760.24

Number of dollars I had to shell out to fix my MacBook: 0 (Product defects FTW!)

Number of Christmas presents I bought for myself with my dad's credit card with him looking on: All of them

And I suppose that's enough numbers for now, eh? It was quite fun to think up those things. Not all of them are too Christmasy but meh. I really hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy spending time with your family and thinking of Christ, the real reason for the season. For realsies. Go read from the book of Luke in the Bible now.

Last YouTube video I watched: Wise Men Still Seek Him

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