Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals week

So here's a question: How do you go about writing about things that are really personal even though you don't like writing such personal things on your blog, even though this time you really want to make an exception?

Oh, so you still don't write about them? That's what I thought. I don't think I could ever bring myself to write about legitimately personal situations. Instead, I will continue to hint at various events that happen without ever actually explaining them. So in this case, just know that stuff happened and it's sad and happy in that weird way that only truly bittersweet things can be. Also, go back and read my post on best friends from the beginning of the semester. If I hadn't already written that post already, I'd write it exactly the same right here. (Take that hint to meant that I really need some time with my best friend who happens to be thousands of miles away and who I won't see until June.)

Down to business: it's finals week. I've taken one final so far and it was easy as pie. I'm taking another today that I should dominate. That leaves me with three more to take between today and Thursday. Finals actually run until Friday but on account of how I was supposed to fly home Thursday but due to an incredibly stupid mistake on my part I'm now leaving on Sunday, I'm still getting them done by Thursday. I might not be home but it will still be Christmas break for me. What's even more sucky is that I don't think I have ever wanted to leave Utah more badly than I do right now. I was already super excited to get home, but after the event that I will continue to hint at without explaining, I'm even more disappointed that I have three extra days in Utah. Well, maybe disappointed isn't the right word. Sad isn't even that good of a word to describe how I feel either. It's almost like I feel out of place, like Utah can't offer me anything to help, and it happened so suddenly that my first response is to get out of here as soon as possible and start enjoying the delicious Wisconsin air. I had almost gotten to the point where I was legitimately almost okay with having extra days at school. Almost. But not anymore.

But alas.

I best be preparing to head up to camps now. I've got myself a final to dominate.

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