Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good Dates.

I'll be the first to admit, I haven't exactly been on that many dates in my lifetime. I've gone on dates with only 8 different boys. Up until this semester, when things were finally equalized, I asked out the boys more than half the time. And I have only ever been on a second date once. You get the picture. Despite the small number of dates, I've never yet had a bad one. Granted, my sample size is small, but you'd think I would have encountered a date I wish I had said no to. This is not so. In fact, all the dates I've been on in the last few months have been quite good.

And so, you ask, what constitutes a good date? Well, here's my formula.

1. The boy should really do the asking. I have planned some pretty awesome dates, that's for sure. (Need I remind you of the fake fancy Taco Bell dinner from this past February?) But as I explained in The Dating Fascination, guys do not like it when a girl asks them on a first date unless it is strictly as friends. Men, you need to man up. Screw rejection. You don't think it's hard for girls to ask you on dates? Wrong. It is hard. But it's not that difficult. (I feel okay lecturing people on this because my first ever date was me asking out the boy. And so was the third. And the fourth. And the sixth. And the seventh.) Seriously, just ask out a girl. You'll be fine. This is not to say that I haven't had good dates when I've asked out the guys, but there's something so nice about it when they ask you.

2. The date's activity should be conducive to holding a conversation. If you can't talk to each other, there really isn't much point to the date. Unless you just want to mack on them. But that's a whole other story we won't be going into. (At least at this point.)

3. The most fun dates I've ever been on have been relatively cheap. You don't have to drop a lot of cash to have a good time. I won't lie, going out to eat together is really nice. But so is acting like the poor college students we are. One of my favorite dates from this year, though it was really what we call a "quasi-date," involved sharing a bag of our favorite candy, Swedish Fish and those fruity Tootsie Roll type things, and hanging out at the park just talking for an hour or two. It was so choice, even if it wasn't planned.

If those three things are fulfilled, to me it's a good date. Obviously I can't guarantee anything, but chances are it will at least be decent.

But besides dating, I go home in 11 days! I'm quite ecstatic to eat delicious Wisconsin foods and drinks. Provo is always a little hard to leave for Christmas, mostly because I don't have my awesome friends to hang out with, but it's not that hard to go. This year's departure will be interesting for various reasons, one of which has to do with the fact that I have 5 exams and 4 days in which to take them. And that's not even the most interesting/problematic in a good way reason!

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