Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I've written

I have been published in my school's newspaper FIVE whole times and online SIX times now. I'm pretty legit, I know. So the purpose of this post is to link to each of those articles because I know you're all very interested in reading about swimming/diving and gymnastics. You're especially interested if you don't go to this university. Don't pretend you aren't. I realize these aren't very timely anymore, but I've been a busy person so tracking down all these links and such wasn't at the top of my list. I'll try to be more prompt in the future.

This was my first ever story: Swim and dive teams start new year strong

And here are the rest in the order I wrote them:

Gymnasts ready to go for 2012

Cougars fall to Wolfpack in season opener

Swim and dive teams excited to compete in Colorado

Cougars experience mixed results in Colorado

Gymnasts hope to rebound against Southern Utah

So there you have it.

If those aren't really areas of interest for you . . . Well, I'll see what I can do by way of writing on some different topics.

Last YouTube video I watched: Dope Zebra

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