Friday, April 13, 2012

My show

I'm pretty sure one of the subjects I blog about most is The Office. When I come to think about my life over the last few years, that show is one of few constants. Not even just the last few years, either. I've been watching since the very first episode of season two and it didn't take long for me to go back and watch season one.

It's crazy to think that The Office has been on almost as long as Seinfeld was; it has nine seasons, in case you didn't know, and The Office is currently on season eight. I'm still pretty much of the opinion that it should've stopped when Steve Carell left but I've definitely not stopped watching. I feel about The Office the same way I felt about LOST: I've just watched it for so long that to stop would be silly. However, LOST had a lot more questions I wanted answered compared to The Office.

If you ever walk past me in the library, that's probably what I'm watching too. It's my default studying show. And my default relaxing show. And my default I don't know what else to watch show. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, how a perfect date would be watching The Office. Though I suppose I've already had that date, I'm definitely not opposed to doing it again.

Well, that's enough about that wonderful show. I want to give a shout-out to my friend Kaitlin who wrote this awesome post about our little picnic to the park with Cafe Rio. She's an awesome photographer too, so of course there are gorgeous pictures along with some nice words. Kaitlin is one of my neighbors and was in my Italian class last semester; I got to see her every day last semester because of it. Basically, she's wonderful.

And now because I'm in the mood to put pictures on my blog because I've been reading Kaitlin's. So here's a few pictures from my freshman year of college because I'm all nostalgic and such. The end of the school year always does this now. I can't believe it's been basically two years since I lived in good ol' Heritage Halls.

My friend Catherine took this candid picture of Jordan & me
at the ward's closing social. This was almost exactly 2 years ago.
No blog post about freshman year is complete
without a picture of Matthew McKay.
Warren & Phil sharing a delicious strawberry concoction.
I always call this one "Sharing is caring"
Now that Brooke is married we don't pull pranks anymore.
But this was definitely our finest hour of freshman year.
And now I'm going to get back to studying. What a joyous night it shall be with my books.

Last YouTube video I watched: Introducing Lizzie Bennet

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