Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I ate today

I just got back from a party so this is all I have the time for because I need to go to bed.

-Hashbrowns with onions and cheese.
-A glass of Sunny D
-Handful of Swedish Fish
-Bagel w/ plain cream cheese
-Two bananas
-A handful of strawberries
-Half a chocolate frosted donut
-Two slices of Hawaiian pizza
-Some flavor-blasted Goldfish
-A few mini M&Ms
-White rice
-Some sort of barbecued pulled Hawaiian pork stuff
-Antipasta salad
-A roll
-3/4 of a chocolate chip muffin
-Barbecue funyun type things
-Salad w/ Italian dressing
-Lots of water
-Three peanut M&Ms
-One pretzel

I'm pretty sure that's it. And that's also not in the order I ate it, so no worries there. I also ran 2 miles this afternoon so I don't feel too bad about it.

Last YouTube video I watched: Dance Bombed

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