Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking a break

I've been studying for a good part of the afternoon and feel the need for a little break, even though after church, Becca and Trent came over and we had sweet potato fries and pancakes for lunch. It's a winning combination, I know. We've had lunch together a number of times this semester and it's great fun.

I only have two actual finals; one is tomorrow and the other is on Tuesday. I alternate studying for them so I don't get worn out on one subject. Later tonight as I study I will probably focus solely on my history final, though. I'm quite excited to be done with this semester, even though I will be staying spring and taking a few classes. I've been assured that spring is much more chill than other semesters so I'm not worried.

Perhaps the most exciting part of spring will be leaves returning to trees. I've never been in Utah in spring and I hear it's pretty nice, though I doubt anything can rival the actual forested and not desert land of the Midwest. Nevertheless, it should still be a nice little experience.

In other fun news, I hit my head on a cupboard door today; rather a cupboard door hit my head as I opened it. There's a pretty nice bump there now. And right after this head-knocking I knocked off the counter a bowl filled with pasta, which was a shame because that pasta was going to be delicious.

While I'm writing this I've got The Office going on in the background. No matter how many times I see these episodes they are still hilarious. Right now I'm going through season four and am currently watching "Launch Party," an episode I quite like because of Jim and Pam pretending to be the computer and messing with Dwight. Brilliant. I'm looking forward to watching the "Dinner Party" episode very soon as well. I'm sure tomorrow in the library I'll get to it.

Time to get back to studying, though.

Last YouTube video I watched: Dawes - When My Time Comes, Live from Coachella

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