Monday, April 16, 2012

YouTube refreshing

I realized tonight how often I refresh the YouTube homepage. Whenever I don't have something to watch or I'm just bored I command+R the crap out of my subscription box, somehow hoping someone will post a new video to watch. Usually I'm waiting for something from ShayCarl, as I been tonight. The thing is, Shay already posted his video hours ago but I'm used to watching them late that I forget.

My love of YouTube is hard to understand for many people. It really is my version of TV. I still watch TV shows, though it's on Hulu or Netflix, and even then it's basically just the NBC Thursday night comedy line-up. Oh, and BBC stuff like Doctor Who and Sherlock. The people I watch on YouTube happen to like/talk about those shows pretty often as well. It's good stuff.

YouTube is so cool in that it allows people to remain connected through video, even when there's thousands and thousands of people watching. It's an interesting feeling, knowing that if I were ever to run into people I watch on YouTube that we'd be probably have a totally awesome conversation. It'd be a little strange, of course, because we wouldn't have ever met in real life and it's always a little bit awkward meeting someone for the first time whether you watch them on the Internet or not. Hopefully some day I can make that happen by going to VidCon.

Today I took one final and I have one more tomorrow, and then my junior year is pretty much done. It's been a crazy semester and an even crazier school year overall. I'll be sure to write a "semester in review" type post when all is said and done.

Last YouTube video I watched: My Parents: Opposingly Supportive

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