Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday madness

Like I mentioned in my post from 2:30 this morning . . . Tuesday was pretty crazy. So here's what went down.

My exam wasn't until seven at night so I spent the day half studying, half watching Vlogbrothers, half watching The Office. It was alright, though I wish my exam had been earlier in the day.

I went to campus around five something and sold back two more books and got $13, money which would later pay for my delicious dinner.

So I took my exam at seven and it only took about an hour, which was awesome because then I was able to get dinner w/ my friend Mikaela and her old roommates. Mik was in New Zealand all this semester on a study abroad and is getting married in June and is all done with school so after she gets married here in June I won't see her again for a long while. It was awesome spending literally the entire night w/ her and our other friends. We went to Red Robin and I remembered how delicious that place is. I had quite a large amount of steak fries. It was awesome. 

After our crazy dinner, which it really was, we went back to Mikaela's old apartment, where all her old roommates still live obviously, and ate tons of candy/chocolate from New Zealand. I also Tim Tam slammed for the first time ever! That was pretty nifty and Tim Tams are quite lovely when soaked in hot chocolate. The whole night was spent acting generally ridiculous and laughing and talking about old times  and new times and all that jazz. I realized how much I missed having Mikaela around just to hang out with. We met freshman year but really only became friends till the last month or so of winter semester so all summer we talked and then when we got back for sophomore year we hung out a ton. Provo isn't quite Provo without Mik so it will be interesting to come back this next fall and have her not be here.

I'm thinking about how delicious Red Robin was and now I'm getting really hungry again.

As for today's plans, there are none. Lorraine and I will probably bum around a lot. Maybe clean? I really have no idea. We'll figure out something. If it's nice weather that'd be even better but it seems pretty cloudy right now. It's almost 11 and my room is still dark considering it is almost 11. I think it's supposed to rain a little today but other than that be warm. This afternoon I should probably go for a run. I definitely need it.

Last YouTube video I watched: Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport

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