Thursday, April 19, 2012

Soccer time

This afternoon I met up w/ my friend Katie and a bunch of boys she knows to play soccer. Katie and I were in the same freshman ward and still try to get together to do awesome stuff every now and then. Point in case: when we went wakeboarding in October.

It was pretty rainy this morning and not too warm. That would not stop us, though. Around 2 o'clock it was getting a little sunnier but it was still not the warmest of spring days. Once we started playing, after just a few minutes or so the sun really did come out and it was a perfect spring day at the park with no worries for exams or what not. I'm not particularly good at soccer. I'm actually quite bad at it. But I love it, so I keep playing.

Getting outside was awesome, though. I've been doing a lot more running lately but it's always nice to change things up and actually run with a purpose. That's still my biggest issue with just going out for a run.

At this point I still have a few days until it's back to school again. Even then, classes start on Tuesday. And my only Tuesday class? Yeah, it's zumba.

But other than soccer, my day was quite relaxed. Tonight I'm going to hang out w/ my Italian friend Carson. I say he's my Italian friend because we had 101 together last semester. He's going on a study abroad to Siena this spring, so that's both awesome and sad. He's from Utah so if he'd stuck around we probably would have hung out a lot. This will be the last time I see him so we're going to play this Italian card game called Scopa and probably eat some snacks.

But now that I think about it, Carson and I might not even hang out for that long, so I imagine my night will be filled with . . . Hmmmm . . . Probably lots of YouTube. Because I'm not going home after this semester I don't feel this terrible need to see/hang out with a ton of friends, especially because a lot of them are staying spring as well. Lorraine and I both have felt the end of this semester has been quite anticlimactic. We're used to cramming as much fun as possible into the few days all of us have left together. Not this time around, though.

Last YouTube video I watched: Pillow Talk! A Day in the Life

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