Friday, April 20, 2012

Josh Sundquist & my days off

Josh is a motivational speaker and former downhill ski racer. He also has one leg. He actually raced on the US Paralympic Team in 2006 in Torino. He's also a New York Times bestselling author. And he makes videos on YouTube.

I've spent a fair amount of time watching his videos and reading his book, Just Don't Fall. I highly recommend you read it. My favorite videos of his are called "________ for Math Nerds." That blank stands for basically anything Josh wants to be nerdy about. So there's Facebook, Twitter, Steve Jobs and Glee for math nerds, plus some others, all of which are hilarious.

So that's my plug for Josh Sundquist.

School doesn't start now until Tuesday and today I ordered my books off Amazon. My plan to was to just check them out from the library but the library doesn't have the most recent editions of the books I need, so that's a bummer. I also went to the library today to get the next Game of Thrones book but it was checked out! That was saddening. Instead I got a book called Word Freak. It's about competitive Scrabble. I'm pretty excited to read it. Another book I was sad the library didn't have is that one by Ransom Riggs that I can never completely remember the name of. Something about a home for peculiar children. But when I was in the campus bookstore I put Nerdfighter notes in copies of The Fault In Our Stars. I enjoyed that muchly.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will entail but it will be the actual weekend so I can't imagine it will be bad. At this point I'm thinking of going for a run. Or possibly out to longboard, though my parents are quite insistent that I get a helmet before I go out too much. Maybe I'll do that! I most definitely need to do laundry, that's for sure. My favorite shorts are dirty and it's been a beautiful day and the actual weekend should be as well. If I had a car I think I'd drive on down to southern Utah and go hike in Moab with my friends; that'd be lovely. Day trips to southern Utah are quite fantastic. Proof.

There's something I've been debating about lately, though, and this is what I'll end with. And that's how I should tag my posts during spring. Because I'm still used to labeling them "junior year," but I'm not really a junior anymore. I guess that would make me a senior but I've never been at school during spring so I don't know what year it counts for. I guess I'll just have it be "spring semester." And I just looked at some past tags I've used. Apparently I once labeled a post as "adorable boy is adorable." I have no recollection of this or why I did it. Huh, interesting.

Last YouTube video I watched: My YouTube Rules

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