Saturday, April 21, 2012

Laundry Day

Whenever I do laundry, I try to listen to this song from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. My freshman roommate Sara and I used to do so quite often, even when we weren't doing laundry.

You know it's going to be a riveting post when it starts with laundry. It is a strangely exciting thing, though; mostly because literally all of my clothes are clean and in my drawers or hanging up in my closet. That doesn't happen very often.

Besides laundry, I also put some books up for sale on the book exchange web site. Hopefully someone needs these rando books I have from semesters past that I either forgot to sell back or just didn't for whatever reason. I'm hopeful.

But for real though, all I did today was clean my room and do laundry . . . Pretty boring as far as Saturdays are concerned. It's barely five and I have nothing else to do in all actuality. I think I'm going to finish The Hunger Games and start on my Word Freak book. Now that I think about words, I also need to check and see if Lorraine has played in our games of Words with Friends yet. It's been a very quiet day, though. My roommates have basically just been gone for most of it. Laura was gone even before I got up, I think. Lorraine went home on Wednesday I believe it was. And Stacy has been here but she left this afternoon some time and I haven't seen her since. It's a nice change to have the apartment to myself.

Oh, and besides laundry, I also put away from winter hats. Yeah. Exciting stuff.

I'm going to read now. Do enjoy your Saturday night!

Last YouTube video I watched: The Freshman Fifteen

Edit: You know what's weird? Seeing friends on Facebook who I know from back home commenting on pictures of other people's engagement rings. Being at BYU kind of makes you forget that other people sometimes get married too.

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