Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zumba, spring music & Sunday recap

I had my first class of spring semester this morning at 9:05, and let me tell you, it is awesome. Zumba is pretty cool, I must say. Becca and I have the class together which makes it even more fun. I've come to realize there is a reason I play soccer and tennis and racquetball and basically any other sport: I'm not coordinated when it comes to dancing. While Zumba isn't all dancing, that's the easiest way to explain it. You combine a bunch of international music and things like tango, chacha, samba and so forth and then you add in a little jumping around and fist pumping and that's Zumba. It's still quite fun despite by poor dancing coordination and is a fantastic workout.

Now here's something I need to think (re. write) out loud (re. quietly) about. I need spring music. I don't necessarily mean music that reminds me of spring but more like a soundtrack for spring semester. Every semester I seem to have one. The last few I've made it a legit playlist that is called "winter 2012" or whatnot. I did start creating a list of music for Jordan and I to listen to once he gets back from Scotland since I know that's probably the thing he's missed the most. That's kind of a spring playlist I suppose but mostly it's just filled with music I listen to all the time now that he might have missed out on. Some of it is stuff I know we both already listened to. I'm looking for a new band. Or at least a band I already listen to that has a new album out. Over the last few days I've been listening to the newest Jason Mraz album, Love Is A Four Letter Word. It's enjoyable, but I need a variety to make it a soundtrack. I figure it's time to do some YouTube research and find some new artists there. ShayCarl recently expounded on his love for Walk Off The Earth, so maybe I'll give them a listen. They're the band that did the Goyte cover on guitar that is insanely awesome.

And now for what happened Sunday! I spent all day w/ Becca and her family. Her brother graduated this past week and her sister who is married w/ 2 kids was in town; the most recent child of hers is only 6 weeks old. We went to church with all of them and took up, like, three rows. We had brunch at her sister's in-laws' house and it was delish. There were pancakes, ham, bacon, sausages, fresh fruit, whipped cream, donuts, muffins and more. I am quite fond of brunch I've decided, though I'm mostly just fond of breakfast food at any time of the day. After we ate we just hung out there for a while and eventually went to watch the movie We Bought A Zoo, which was not too bad. I already was pretty critical of movies and then last semester I met Hank who just made things worse since he's quite critical of movies as well. I don't want to say I expected it to be worse but maybe I did. It was incredibly predictable, though what can you really expect from that type of kids movie? I will say it was much funnier than I expected. After the movie we took a little drive over by the Provo Airport and went birding, aka bird watching. This was strangely fun, though I suspect it was mostly from Becca and her brother hanging out the window and sunroof while driving down a rocky dirt road. My favorite part was seeing a beaver! Forget the birds; beavers are where it's at. Being around Utah Lake also made me want to go kayaking really bad. A lot of the area reminded me of the wetlands/marshlands type stuff there is back home, except in the background there were mountains and not tons of trees. Then after that we just had a nice little dinner. It was a great day overall.

I'm about 100 pages into the Word Freak book and Scrabble has just gotten even more awesome. I'm going to memorize all the words that start with Q that don't need a U, and I might also take on all the two letter words because there aren't that many of them either. This book basically just makes me want to learn how to play Scrabble super hardcore well but that would mean literally doing nothing else but studying words and learning how to anagram like nobody's business. Anagramming is a thing I want to learn how to do well, though. 

My afternoon will be spent reading more and then playing ukulele as well. It's perfect ukulele weather, I've decided. Hopefully I can learn some Julia Nunes songs this week.

Last YouTube video I watched: Italian Chicken Burger Recipe

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