Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fly away home

It's once again no longer the actual day but that is okay. I was on the phone w/ my dad for about 40 minutes tonight, getting my flight squared away for coming home. It's going to be a good spring but going home will be good too. I am happy that I decided to stay in Utah for some of spring if only for the nice weather. At home the last few days it's been in the 40s or so. Here it's been in the 70s and 80s. I love getting to wear shorts and sandals all the time.

I've now gone to all of my spring classes and it should be an interesting semester. It won't be particularly easy or difficult, at least it doesn't look that way. I just have to stay on top of reading and such; things will be a-okay.

As per my post of the other day including my want/need for some spring tunes, I think I have found it in the form of Walk Off The Earth, especially in their song Little Boxes.

I think the most exciting part of today, however, was the fact that my roommate Stacy made a delicious banana bread/cake thing. Also, our friend Grant came over and we just shot the breeze. (That's a phrase that needs to make a comeback.)

Last YouTube video I watched: Justin Bieber Boyfriend! Official video parody

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Becca said...

amber says "shooting the breeze" all the time. so lovely. :)