Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh sad day & delicious lunches

I just realized I never bought my ticket for the Imagine Dragons concert on May 1 in SLC. I was just informed via Twitter that the show is now sold out. Dang it. At least I ate a good lunch?

It really was a nice one. I made a turkey sandwich w/ lettuce and cheddar cheese on what was technically a brat bun, but I don't have any more brats so it was more like I turned it into a hoagie. I also ate some Goldfish, a marshmallow egg (I still have plenty of Easter candy left), and two pieces of delicious and wonderful red Australian licorice from Trader Joe's. That's one really small thing I miss about home: Trader Joe's. My family doesn't go there incredibly often but it's one of those places that has unique things. I most often miss the frozen orange chicken they sell. So goodly. Maybe someday in the very near future Utah will get one. I can hope.

My only plans for the day are to read for my classes and then to read for fun. The Word Freak book is still as fascinating as ever. I'm also looking at skateboarding helmets. I can't decide whether I want to go w/ a really bright color, like this orange one:

Or if I want to go w/ something less ostentatious, like this gray one:

Opinions? I'm definitely going for a matte color and not a gloss, though.

Last YouTube video I watched: Video Puzzle

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