Friday, April 27, 2012

Reading & ukulele

Sometimes the only things I feel like I need in life are good books and my ukulele with good songs to learn how to play. Right where I wrote "need in life," I originally had "need in love," which also sounds pretty accurate actually. All the things on my bed right now, besides my pillows/other bed things are: my ukulele, my tuner, four books (Word Freak, Rough Stone Rolling, Clash of Kings, Infinite Atonement), and my Wisconsin Badgers hat. And my blanket is bright orange, my sheets Harry Potter, and my pillowcases blue and white striped & SpongeBob Squarepants. I feel that's a very accurate representation of how I am as a person. Eerily accurate.

This afternoon/evening literally all I've done is read and play uke. I also did play racquetball for an hour so that just exemplifies my favorite things. It's been a good day, though. Over the last week I've played my ukulele at least once a day for at least 30 minutes each time. It's such a great instrument. I've become addicted to playing/singing terribly the song Little Boxes by Walk Off The Earth. It's awesome.

As for the rest of the night . . . Well, that's pretty open at this point. Lorraine wants to hit up a dance party, which could be quite entertaining. If we don't, I'm sure the rest of my night will be spent with Word Freak. I plan to finish it tomorrow, if not tonight. I have the feeling, regardless of my night's events, I'll stay up late reading tonight. I haven't done that in a long time and I'm due for a late night reading session.

It's crazy to think that April is basically over. Only three more days! Blogging every day always goes by so quickly. May is going to be just as awesome though, if not more so.

Last YouTube video I watched: Nannytard's Surprise

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