Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fake spring break day 3

In the morning we bummed around in our sleeping bags for quite some time. Trent, Grant and Phil also spent a good amount of time wrestling when they got up. It was hilarious, especially because we were right in the middle of all these campsites and I'm sure plenty of people were weirded out. I'm not joking when I say we were right in the middle either. There were these two small dirt roads that formed a circle all around us. We weren't exactly being quiet either. Emily and I were, of course, laughing loudly and pretty much uncontrollably while the boys laughed and screamed and threatened each other with bodily harm. I love how crazy and loving those boys can be.

the view upon waking up
Waking up basically next to the ocean was pretty great, though. You can't camp right on the beach but not  too far from the campsites was the Pacific Ocean in all its glory. We walked there shortly after getting up. And by getting up I literally mean getting out of our sleeping bags because we were awake for quite some time before we summoned the courage to leave the comfort and warmth they possessed.

I love a good ocean breeze
Once we left the actual beach of Santa Cruz, we made our way into the actual city to find sustenance. And we found it in the form of Denny's. This meal really should've been documented but I'm pretty sure we were all too preoccupied with eating delicious breakfast foods to care about pictures.

After our meal, we went to Manresa beach in Santa Cruz. The boys frolicked in the ocean a bit and Emily and I laid on the sand where it was less windy and actually pretty warm. The sand kept our feet nice and toasty. Eventually one of Phillip and Grant's friends showed up and we made our way to another beach in Santa Cruz that he said was sunnier and less windy. However, that was not the case when we finally got there. It was at least as windy, if not more so, though it was slightly sunnier. The goal of this beach trip was to teach Grant how to skimboard. It was comical to say the least. And eventually it was time for all of them to make a gallant run into the ocean. It took about five minutes for all four boys to psych themselves up for plunging headfirst into the waves. Eventually it happened. They took a running start and off they went, falling and diving into the mighty Pacific. Once again, Emily and I had a great time watching from the sand. They played for quite some time in the water and Trent and Grant eventually got out the boogie boards. Once all was said and done, they were definitely worn out and pretty chilly.

Grant in his natural frolicking habitat
Once they got dried off and changed, off we went to Grant's house, a place we had only spent maybe 4 hours during the whole trip to that point. On the way back we stopped at WinCo, my first time at the store, to pick up stuff for dinner. We ended up having pesto and garlic bread and strawberries and bacon wrapped corn on the cob. Yes, you read that right: bacon wrapped corn. That was Grant's idea, something he learned on his mission in Kentucky. The boys made all the dinner and when I originally went into the kitchen to help, Trent shooed me away but did allow me to sit and watch them cook. All in all it was a pretty chill night. After dinner, which was probably around 9 or 10, we watched something on TV, though I cannot remember what it was exactly, and all of us fell asleep before midnight.

Stay tuned for more!

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