Friday, June 1, 2012

Fake spring break day 4

Sunday was not terribly exciting since all we did was go to church and eat lots of food. Literally.

We woke up and ate a lot of cereal before getting ready for church. That was interesting since there were four of us, two boys and two girls, sharing one bathroom and we were all trying to get in there to fix our hair and brush our teeth and such. And yes, I include the boys in the act of fixing hair because do they ever love making their hair look nice and spent more time on it than Emily or I did.

Church was lovely though, not terribly exciting, but nice. A boy who was leaving on his mission spoke and that is always entertaining to me because all my friends are coming home. 19 year-old boys seem so young now, even though they're barely two years younger than me. It's funny how time changes things like that.

After church we spent most of our time playing with Grant's niece before dinner. We hung out on the trampoline and acted, well, old. And his niece was just a little ball of energy and fun. If we'd gotten more sleep the last few days we probably would have been more lively but mostly we bummed around in the sun while she yelled at us to jump. The best part was when Phillip and Trent started holding down Grant so Clara, his niece, could start tickling him, though she didn't really get that. Instead she enjoyed stepping on him and kneeing him right in the chest.

Clara definitely wore us out a bit and then it was time for dinner. We had delicious barbecue chicken and cheeseburgers and fruit salad and just all this summery food. And then after that dinner we went over to the house of some of Grant's family's friends and ate a SECOND DINNER. That was amazing as well. We had steak and baked potatoes and more fruit and salad and for dessert brownies and ice cream. I had Thin Mint ice cream, which was delightful.

The thing about this trip and food is the fact that we never really knew when we would eat next so we just as much as we could when we could, hence two dinners not really being an issue. Even though we spent a lot of time in the car, we also spent a lot of time wandering around different places for hours on end so we worked up some pretty big appetites.

Sunday night we played Cranium. Grant and his mother were a team, Phillip and Emily another, and Trent and I made up the third. Suffice it to say, Trent and I did not have high hopes on account of how Cranium requires you and your partner/team to think along the same lines and have this sort of mind connection. It's hard to compete against a mother/son and boyfriend/girlfriend in the "thinking alike" category. Things didn't start off well for us either. Our worst suspicions were confirmed as Trent and I failed to spell the word "squiggle" backwards. Well, I could do it, he couldn't. However, our luck changed and it turns out Trent and I can get each other to guess pretty much anything once we get the right strategy; or at the very least he can get me to guess things. I managed to figure out he was drawing the phrase "animal magnetism," impersonating Adam Sandler, humming the little bunny Frou Frou song and acting out "free range chicken." When he was acting out free range chicken I even had him stop acting so I could put together each of the three parts. I literally yelled at him to stop and put my hand up, and it worked. That's pretty quality work on both our parts. So while Trent and I found our groove, Grant and his mother lost theirs. Grant went from guessing things like "truck," "ice cream," and "car" to "jail." When all was said and done, Trent and I absolutely demolished the other two teams, thus proving how awesome we are.

Once the game ended we watched Surf's Up which I absolutely adored. Penguins surfing. It's genius. So then the movie ended and off to bed we went, pretty early once again since we had the intention of leaving Grant's house at 8 for Tahoe.

Things did not go quite that way . . .

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