Sunday, May 13, 2012

A night under the stars

Friday night I went camping with some friends/people who live around me somewhere in Provo Canyon. I say somewhere because I'm not too familiar with the canyon and such. Regardless, it was lovely.

For dinner we, of course, had foil dinners. Tinfoil dinners are probably one of my favorite things of all time, right behind things made in Dutch ovens. That's the only thing the night was missing: Dutch oven peach cobbler. I made dinners for Becca and myself: ground beef seasoned with random Italian stuff, garlic, salt and pepper; carrots and potatoes. They were absolutely delicious.

Another thing that was awesome about camping was the fact that I finally got to use my headlamp for something real and not just finding stuff in my room when it's dark.

The real reason I decided to go on this little excursion was the fact that we'd be sleeping under the stars. I've done it a couple times before and it's always been awesome. Life has been kind of crazy lately, though not quite as crazy as winter semester was. Going camping is always relaxing, though. It's always great to sleep out under the stars when it still gets cold at night because you can hunker down in your sleeping bag and all that's exposed to the night is your face, and even then it's not all of it. It was pretty cold out, but not terrible, at least not to me. Basically everyone else was freezing, though. Lorraine did not sleep at all and spent the whole night playing on her phone. I got a good solid four or so hours and would have kept sleeping but everyone else was so cold they wanted to leave, so we were out of there by seven or so.

Looking at the stars is pretty great out in the woods too. (I like how I still said in the "woods" even though we were definitely on a mountain and there weren't that many trees. There were a good number of trees but not enough to call it "woods.") Speaking of stars, I saw the Little Dipper for the first time ever. I'm not even kidding.

So despite all the camping goodness, I'm also a kind of weird camper in that I have to be with the right kind of people to enjoy myself fully. This was one of my worries about coming on the little rendezvous. The people I went with are lovely but I wasn't quite sure how I'd get along with them as far as camping was concerned. Things were totally fine and it was just a great night overall.

Last YouTube video I watched: Poor Wayfaring Stranger

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