Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oh tomorrow (which is now technically today) & favorite things

It's the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool. Obviously I want Liverpool to win. I just don't know how I'm going to watch the game, if at all. It doesn't seem like it will be broadcast in the United States. At all. On any station. That's a bummer. And it's not going to be online w/ ESPN3 either. It's very disappointing. Over the last week I've gotten back into soccer stuff again, mostly because I have the time to watch it online while I'm on campus. And the UEFA Cup is almost here too! That will give me plenty to watch, as long as I can find some place that broadcasts it.

The rest of this post is inspired by my dear friend Kaitlin. She made a post about a few of her favorite things. So I'm going to do the same through use of Internet pictures. (Just a side note: it's now 3 am on Saturrday . . . I started this post around 4 in the afternoon on Friday.) Here are six of my favorite things in life right now.

always good for a smile & plenty of laughs.
Gryffindor pride.
All we need to do.
coined by CS Lewis
Had one tonight.

Last YouTube video I watched: Kids / MGMT / Heyhihello / Poppy

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