Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road trip!

I still have 2 hours and 45 minutes until my next class, so I'm sitting in the library finishing up a presentation and talking w/ my dear friend Carson on Facebook chat. (He's the one in Italy, lucky kid.) And once I get through my evening class all I have to do is pack for my little road trip to California.

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and all I have to do before we leave is go to zumba. What a lovely Thursday it will be. I absolutely love road trips, and road trips with a bunch of friends are even better. I plan to spend most of the 10 hours reading but I'm sure there will be plenty of hilarity. I also haven't taken many pictures this term, or even throughout junior year in general, and I'm sure there will be plenty to photograph. (The boys I'm going with are quite photogenic and ridiculous, but in a good way.)

It's going to be quite fun going to northern California. I've only ever been around southern. I think what I'm most excited about is being all touristy in San Francisco. Everyone I tell about this trip gets so excited when I mention San Francisco so apparently it's pretty awesome. Getting out of Provo will be so nice. Spring term hasn't been bad but Provo kind of wears on a person for a while, especially when you haven't really left since after Christmas.

So besides packing the only thing to do is create my road trip playlist. I make playlists for each semester, certain activities, and especially road trips. I'm not sure what the feeling of this road trip is going to be but as of right now it seems like the them will be freedom and irresponsibility. Not irresponsibility in the "we're going to make poor decisions" way but in the "we're all a bunch of twenty-somethings with no school and plenty of time to do whatever we want" way. Now I just have to find songs that fit that feeling. Imagine Dragons just came on shuffle and they feel very appropriate for such a weekend.

And as there are only a few weeks left of spring, here's another update on the 10 things I was most excited about:

1) Zumba class with Becca. Still awesome.

2) Gettin' biceps & abs with Lorraine. This has definitely not happened . . . Oh well. Maybe in fall.

3) Jordan & Matt coming home. This has been lovely. I went to Jordan's homecoming and we've gotten to talk a few times since then. Matt is home so soon now too.

4) Camping trips. It was lovely. Well, for me. Read about it here.

5) Imagine Dragons. They're still lovely as well. They'll probably make up my road trip playlist.

6) Legitimately learning to play a Julia Nunes song on ukulele and then recording a cover with Becca singing. This has not yet progressed beyond where I was before. Next week after I get home from California I'm going to apply myself.

7) More tennis and racquetball. Neither of these things has happened . . . Whoops.

8) Time to read the next Game of Thrones book. This weekend I plan to finish Clash of Kings. I had to take the copy I had back to the library but luckily Trent owns it.

9) Frisbee. I've not done this at all, either. Maybe I'll play some frisbee on the beach! Also, my friend Wade will be back in Utah in June right before I leave and he absolutely loves frisbee so I'm sure we'll play.

10) Starting my Chacos tanlines.  This has not progressed much, though I do wear my Chacos often. They are going to be one of my two pairs of shoes for this weekend so maybe I'll get lucky with some sun.

Last YouTube video I watched: Greg Holden - Home (Live)

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SJ said...

Anna! I love your blog. That's all. Oh, and I love you too. We should hang out sometime. Maybe I will take you to sliding rock and other cool places when you come down to my house.