Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 things that make home exciting

I took my only exam this morning and now all that's left to do until next Tuesday is have as much fun as seemingly possible. But while I wait for the Germany/Netherlands Euro Cup match to start, here are 10 things that make home an exciting place to be.
  1. My orange room.
  2. Kopp's custard and burgers and onion rings and fries and Sprecher root beer. I just checked the flavor of the day for when I'll be in Milwaukee on Tuesday. ONE OF THEM IS CARAMEL CASHEW, aka one of the best flavors of all time. (We're stopping on the way home, if that's okay Mom and Dad).
  3. The bike path, which I usually use for my longboard but since I won't be bringing it home this summer I think I'll take out my bike instead.
  4. Kate and Megan.
  5. Chocolate Factory subs.
  6. Shopping trips to Bayshore.
  7. My home ward and home ward friends, both adults and youth alike.
  8. Delicious and wonderful and perfect chocolate chip cookies made by my father.
  9. Really anything made by my dad and mom from the America's Test Kitchen.
  10. Having a car to at least use some of the time. I miss driving terribly while I'm in Utah.
  11. The possibility of Brewers games. (Who are we kidding? There's no way I could stop at just 10 reasons)
  12. Dinner out with all my family. It's not so much the fact that I'm with my family but more so the fact that I get free and delicious dinner, though sometimes being with the extended family does make for some great entertainment.
  13. Thunderstorms.
  14. A nice HD television and comfy leather chair w/ an ottoman.
  15. All nine seasons of Seinfeld. At least I think they're still at home; my brother may have taken them to Idaho.
  16. The possibility of seeing Imagine Dragons at Summerfest. I'm going to try so hard to make that happen.
So there's 16 reasons instead. It should be a good summer, even though I will be working most of the time, but I take satisfaction knowing if I work all summer I get to come back to Utah and do awesome stuff without needing to work.

Last YouTube video I watched: Superhero - Luke Conard and Landon Austin

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