Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soundtrack to my spring

For the last three or four semesters, and the last one or two summers, I've created playlists of music that define the time. Basically, it's just the music I listen to during the semester/summer. As I find new artists or as old artists come to define things I do they get added to the list. And as spring semester winds down I figure now is as good a time as ever to share my spring 2012 playlist.

What I've noticed though is that my spring music was heavily influenced by other people and other places.
  • Walk Off The Earth was suggestion given to me by ShayCarl in a good number of his videos from the end of April. You'll probably recognize them as the band who made the song Somebody That I Used To Know famous.
  • Jason Mraz is one of my old artists who happens to have a new album. Love Is A Four Letter Word is lovely and the songs are perfect for warm weather.
  • Joe Purdy's Wash Away is a song from an episode of LOST that I randomly remembered halfway through the term. I've no idea why I thought of it but I'm glad I did.
  • Young the Giant's Apartment is a song Jordan told me to listen to forever ago, a suggestion I never really heeded for whatever reason. And then Trent started talking about Young the Giant so it got added to the list.
  • Imagine Dragons is now a stand-by band that will probably always be on these lists.
  • Can't Stop Won't Stop does a lot of music for Devin Graham's awesome videos. They're great pick-me-up songs.
  • Radical Face is a band I learned about because of a YouTube musician who always used to do covers of their songs, and then Matthew/booshoe37 mentioned them a few times this spring so I took up listening to them again.
  • Elliott Smith's Somebody That I Used To Know is not what you think it is. No, it is not Gotye. It's a very lovely song though. I honestly have no idea how I came upon it.
  • Brofriend by ShayCarl. This song really just needs to be watched.
  • Daddy Yankee's Lovumba I got from zumba class.
  • The Gardener by The Tallest Man On Earth is another song I'd heard covered a bunch of times and took up listening to in its original format.
  • Karmin is perhaps my favorite artist of the spring. Karmin is a YouTube artists who has basically made it big. Most people will probably recognize their song Brokenhearted. We always listened to it in zumba and then I finally find out who it was. It made me love it even more.
  • Kings of Convenience became a new favorite thanks to Trent. One day he invited me over to sit in the grass with him while he was cleaning his climbing equipment. He had Kings of Convenience playing and it was the most relaxing and chill music I'd heard in a long time.
  • M83 is another band from Trent, and also Grant. They adore the song Midnight City. I'm pretty sure whenever I drive anywhere with Trent we listen to this song.
  • City and Colour is a band I learned about ages ago from my friend Margaret but until this spring I'd only heard a few of their songs. 
  • Ministry of Magic brings me back to the glory days of Harry Potter. I've needed that this term.
  • Passion Pit's new single Take A Walk is what I've been waiting for ever since I started listening to Passion Pit some time around freshman year. I'm hoping to see them live this summer.
  • All Will Be Well by the Gabe Dixon Band is a song that was in an episode of Parks and Rec. I already have a few songs by the Gabe Dixon Band so when I realized this spring when watching Parks and Rec who the band was I was hooked. It's such a happy song, and spring has definitely been a time of happy songs.
I realize now this list looks a bit daunting/overwhelming. Oh well. I wanted to share all of it. Choosing certain artists/songs just seemed unfair.

As for today's plans, as it is my first official day of summer vacation, will be spent watching, you guessed it, more Euro Cup. While I watch I'm going to try to finish the second Game of Thrones book. Then this afternoon I'm going out to lunch with my friend Jeff since I won't get to see him again until August.

Last YouTube video I watched: High School Graduation Speech/Song - Rhett and Link

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