Friday, July 20, 2012

Microwave or oven?

The other night after getting home from work I was video chatting it up w/ Becca. We were talking about boys and friends and Utah and all that jazz. She brought up an analogy she learned at church regarding how boys and girls fall in love differently. 

Essentially, boys are microwaves because they "heat up fast" and fall in love quickly. They know pretty early on whether or not they are interested in a girl. Girls, on the other hand, are ovens because they take a little longer to get things rolling. It takes a greater amount of time for girls to become interested/fall in love.

And that's the whole analogy. (When she told me that I was waiting for it to be more in-depth but that's all there is, at least at this point. I was slightly underwhelmed.)Becca said she is an oven that never gets fully heated up. And I replied something along the lines of, "Well, yeah, you've gotta preheat to, like, 450. That takes a lot longer than just 325 like most other girls."

So is it true? Are boys microwaves and girls ovens? I'm inclined to say yes. Of course there are exceptions to most every analogy, especially when it comes to dating/love. But I feel like it's a pretty common occurrence for a guy to say "I'm going to marry that girl!" pretty early on in a relationship, and then BOOM. Roasted. They do get married.

In just about 3 weeks I'll be back in the world of crazy love and relationship analogies. Heading back to Utah is always fun. And the fun for me starts bright and early with a 6 am flight, so if any of my Utah friends happen to see me that day, expect some very tired conversation. Luckily, the first person I'll see upon my arrival is Jeffrey and he won't care how tired I am.

Last YouTube video I watched: The Science of Lying

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Becca said...

So you're coming to marriage prep Sunday school where we learn all these interesting analogies?