Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reunited w/ Margo

Margo is not quite her real name but she goes by many names: Margo, Maggie, Maggie Jo, Marge, Margie. Her real name is Margaret. And she is awesome.

Last night was the first time seeing each other since the second week of June. That really isn't too long, only a month, but it sure felt like a long time. That probably had something to do w/ the fact that she was in Europe visiting all sorts of amazing places, like England, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Holland and I think Austria. So while she toured museums and saw glorious art, I was stuck in Wisconsin putting cream cheese into boxes.

So of course we had to model in the gazebo at the park to commemorate our love. Luckily Chelsea was there for this reunion as well. (She's probably the best model of us all.)

Chelsea goes blue steel


And yes, Margo and I do have the same Birks. My pants are probably also extremely distracting.

So Margaret and I got to hang out for 2 hours. We hung out at the gazebo and at the playground and then at the pool while a bunch of other people went swimming. We talked about everything under the sun: her trip, my quick summer at home, boys, classes, church, family, clothes, music. It was lovely, as it always is to spend time w/ Margaret.

T-minus 11 days until I return to Utah.

Last YouTube video I watched: Call Me Maybe (Chiptunes cover)

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pianopounder said...

haha loved it!!! I take it as a high compliment that my goofing around qualifies as model material. :) haha