Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mckenna is old

Today one of my former roommates is 21, so here is my photo tribute to Mckenna.

being oh-so-studious waiting for DH I
kd, aw, mc
roommate photo shoot

festival of colors
Mckenna's first General Conference
happy birthday to the ground
family photo
roommate reunion fall 2011
All in all, Mckenna, you're an awesome friend. We've had hilarious times. Sadly, we don't take as many pictures when we're doing stuff as I thought we did. At least we have all the memories, even if there aren't pictures to go along with everything. Hopefully in the couple weeks before school starts we can do some epic stuff AND take pictures along w/ the adventures. We've survived waiting for our missionary friends, awkward dates, crazy nights w/ roommates, communicating w/ each other across the world, and some of the worst semesters to ever exist. Happy 21st birthday, my dear Mckenna!

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