Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good-bye home

I am completely finished packing except for the jeans I'm currently wearing which I'll be wearing to work later this afternoon. My suitcase is all packed, though I won't even be bringing it w/ me right away. It's being brought along later thanks to some of my family who is driving out to Utah soon after I leave. I think the hardest part of packing has been deciding what shoes I'm going to wear to the airport. I decided on my new Birkenstocks.

I figured I best write this post now because I plan on going to bed as soon as I get home from work tonight. I'll need as much sleep as I can get because my flight leaves bright and early at 6. I'm not too excited for that but I figure I can sleep a little bit on the plane. Usually I don't sleep on planes but I might be exhausted enough to legitimately nap.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day even once I get to Utah. I'm already trying to cram in some fun along with the job interview I have that afternoon and the cleaning/minor packing I have to do in order to move to my new apartment on Friday. I will definitely sleep very well Thursday night.

So this is it. My last post from Wisconsin until Christmas, or possibly Thanksgiving. It's a possibility but not one I would bet on. We'll see how things go. But anyway, see you soon my lovely Utah friends!

Last YouTube video I watched: An Open Letter to Students Returning to School

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