Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hellos and farewells

As school starts on Monday, the final trickle of people has ended. People are moving in all over the place. Church will now include a whole new cast of people. The number of people you meet on a new Sunday is incredible. In the most saddening turn of events regarding church, no longer do I have The Egg to accompany me from class to class or to pass notes to. (Though I'll still be seeing them often enough, it is a farewell of sorts.)

Starting Monday I have the opportunity once again to run into all the boys from my freshman ward who have returned. I'm quite ecstatic about all the possible encounters on account of how I've seen very few of them. It's like I'm getting a whole bunch of new friends, all ready-made who already know and love me. I've seen all of . . . 5 boys from my freshman year. (Jordan, Matthew, Wade, Will, Braden, and I think that's it.) That means there's a whole slew of them left for me to get to know once again!

Though as they have basically all returned, many of the girls I know are leaving. Tomorrow SJ gives her farewell talk. I'll be in attendance, of course, and I'm quite excited. Her brother is giving his farewell talk as well. I don't know if I've mentioned but Sara is going to Ecuador. For 18 months. How awesome is that? She's going to be an amazing missionary, but that won't stop me from missing her terribly.

Senior year is going to be insane, though I hope in the good way. As my good friend Augustus Waters would say, "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend."

In other news, I ran another 2 miles today. Only 146 more to go. That's slightly less intimidating. Not.

Last YouTube video I watched: Responding to Haterz

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