Monday, August 13, 2012

My television dabbles

With sites like Netflix and Hulu, you can get into a lot of different television shows. I find myself interested in a variety of shows, some almost obsessively and others in just a dabbling sort of way. Summers lead to a lot of television watching, especially when I'm home w/ just my parents.

Here are some of those shows I tend to dabble in, or have dabbled in the last few months.

-White Collar. Mckenna introduced me to this show when we lived together but I never actually watched it until last fall. I watched the first two seasons which were on Netflix and then just stopped because I didn't want to be all fancy and find the third online, though I easily could have. Recently the third season was added though. That's been my project since I returned to Provo, and its been lovely.

-Grey's Anatomy. I watched the first three seasons of this show when they were actually on. I stopped watching for some reason or another but decided this past summer to get back into it. I've now seen all the seasons except the most recent. There's something strangely addicting about Grey's.

-How I Met Your Mother. I watched all of this show spring term. Lorraine actually started watching it right after I finished; we had no idea the other was watching it.

-Big Bang Theory. I have a weird relationship w/ this show. Sometimes I think it's hilarious. Other times I just can't wrap my head around why it's funny. Maybe it's the laugh track. Something about it is off-putting.

-Modern Family. This show is quickly becoming a stand-by show, one I can always count on. It's nerdiness, wittiness, sentimentality and seriousness is unmatched.

That probably seems like a lot of shows to dabble in but that's really what it is. I'll watch a bunch of one show at one time and then not ever watch it again, or at least not watch it again for a very long time. The shows that stick w/ me have to be really special.

Well, I'm going back to eating my Greek yogurt and watching the Star Trek movie now. Enjoy your evenings!

Last YouTube video I watched: As Long As You Love Me

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