Sunday, August 12, 2012

Perfect banana

Today I ate the perfect banana. It was the exact shade of yellow everyone thinks a banana should be. Except this time it actually was that color. There were no bruises, green spots or anything else out of the ordinary. It was perfectly ripe as well. I probably shouldn't be so excited about a piece of fruit.

Later tonight I plan on washing some strawberries and cutting my quarter of a watermelon. I've never cut watermelon before so that will be a nice experience.

I've nothing much else to write about today, hence this post generally being about fruit. So to make up for the lack of content, I present a song I've listened to a ridiculous number of times in the last few weeks.

I suppose I should also mention that my photo wall is complete! Mostly. I might add another row or two at a later date but for now it is complete. I'm quite satisfied with it. Like I mentioned yesterday, I haven't printed off pictures from last school year. This does make the wall a little outdated but I'll fix that soon enough. It's crazy to look at it and think about how long ago some of the adventures occurred.  The people that seem to get the most wall-time are Brooke, Megan, Margaret and Lorraine. At least, that's what I've deducted from a few quick glances across it. Maybe sometime I'll actually do the math on who is up there the most. But now that the wall is done, that means I actually have to unpack my other belongings, something I'm not all that excited about. That will probably be tonight's activity. 

Last YouTube video I watched: I am a Thoughtful Guy - Rhett and Link

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