Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meteor Showering

Saturday night Becca got a text message from one of our dear friends at the Lava Lounge. They were all meeting up at midnight to go up the canyon somewhere and watch a meteor shower. How could we miss such an opportunity? We put on our warm clothes, well, I did; Becca doesn't have quite the cold weather apparel like I do.

Then it was time to cram 11 twenty-somethings into three small cars. Luckily, fitting snugly into cars is a talent all college students master and appreciate. I was fortunate enough to get the backseat, in the middle, with my feet on the hump, sitting between two guys who are probably both at least five inches taller than me. As we drove up the canyon, the boys sang along to great songs like "Bleeding Out" by Imagine Dragons, and not-so-great songs like "Payphone" by Maroon 5. (I learned my friend Kyle loves "Payphone." Though I'm not a fan of that song, it made me love him just a little bit more because what 23 year-old guy will honestly and openly admit he enjoys a song like that?)

When we arrived to this random parking lot up some mountainside near Provo Canyon, it was time for a five minute hike up a wide dirt path . Normally such a thing wouldn't be a huge deal. When only two people of 11 have flashlights, though, things get a little tricky. One boy, Kirk, had a Surefire so that was exciting, at least to me. The moment he turned it on and pointed it at the sky I knew what it was. He seemed impressed that I knew exactly what type of flashlight it was too.

At the end of the dirt path was a field/meadow type place. Since it was dark I'm not exactly certain what one would call it. We put down our tarps and blankets and settled in for an hour or so of meteor watching. I love stars quite a bit, so even if we hadn't seen a single meteor I would've been super happy with the situation. At home you can see a fair amount of stars, especially compared to where I live in Utah. Going out, away from the city, is one of my favorite things to do here because you can see so few stars from where I usually am. Actually seeing the Milky Way? It never gets old. Seeing it with a bunch of awesome people? The experience was made even better. We just laughed and talked practically the whole time. There were times we tried to be quiet and completely still but they didn't last long. We're not exactly a quiet group of people. At one point we started naming all of the 150 Pokemon we could remember. That ended up with some pretty hilarious and possibly slightly inappropriate jokes about the attacks certain Pokemon use.

Senior year has been filled with some incredibly fun times, but this spontaneous trip up the canyon is perhaps one of my favorite moments of the school year thus far. We'll see how it compares to the Idaho trip I'm taking just later tonight. The same group of people from the Lava Lounge are going to get free Chik-Fil-A for a year by camping out in the parking of the new one opening in Boise. The Varsity Parking Lot Camping Team is in for a great couple of days.

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