Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sometimes I wear glasses

Right now, including this post, I have 4 drafts waiting to be published; some of them are barely started, others almost completely finished. It's very unlike me to have so much writing on here that hasn't been posted. It's just a testament to how busy senior year has been, and usually it's busy in the fun way. If I blogged about every fun or exciting thing I did this year so far, I'd have written well over one post every week. Some of those things will never get written about, and that's okay. (I promise the California trip will get its own post, though.) I definitely believe that some events happen and it's the experience of them that matters, not recording them.

So here's a post I started weeks ago and am now finally finished with.

Just over a year ago I got new glasses. This was the first time getting new ones since I was about 15. I like to describe my frames in three words: big, black and nerdy. A lot of people call them hipster but that's honestly not what I was going for. Nerd life, guys. It's the best. Trust me.

If I didn't love sports so much, I'd probably wear glasses almost exclusively. It's actually gotten to the point where people don't recognize me without my glasses. What a concept, especially for me, someone who hardly ever wore their glasses in public until just over a year ago. The number of people who saw me in my glasses during my college years, up until last August, besides my roommates? Easily less than 10, possibly less than five. I'm pretty sure there are some people I knew from freshman year, people I saw all the time back then, who barely recognized me when they first saw me wearing my glasses this semester.

The glasses really do cause a big change, not in how I act but in how others perceive me. My black, nerdy glasses combined with dark-washed skinny jeans, Chacos, a baseball jersey and a Wisconsin Badgers hat was my outfit today. (And by "today" I mean when I first started writing this post over two weeks ago. Today's outfit is Sperry's, dark grey straight leg jeans, my Pizza John t-shirt and an oversized grey cardigan, plus, of course, my glasses.) Neither of those outfits exactly send out a clear message. I think it's a good thing, though. From day to day I go from super athletic, to albeit kind of pretty hipster, to California skater, to outdoorsy camper, to straight up nerd.

In the last year I'm pretty sure the question I've gotten asked most often is, "Are your glasses real?" So to clear up any possible confusion: Yes, everyone, my glasses are real. If I take them off and do not put in my contacts, I do not see well. And yes, my glasses are big, square and black, but that does not automatically make me a total hipster. (I'm talking to you, Jordan.) Not that I'm denying my slight hipster tendencies, but my glasses are nerdy. It just so happens the same style of glasses are currently popular with a different fashion scene as well.

Last YouTube video I watched: Six Reasons Neil Armstrong was BA

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