Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm officially a safe person

I just completed my order for a helmet for longboarding. It's grey and green and I got a great deal on it from the same site I got my longboard from over 2 years ago now. My helmet is set to arrive in five to ten days.

It's a beauty, eh? Now all I have left to do is set up an official date with Stopher to go down the canyon again. I'm not sure if I shared this picture back in spring or not but it's one of my all time favorites from my 3+ years at college.

Stopher, me, Stacy & Joe @ Bridal Veil Falls for a canyon ride.
I debated a long while over colors. Literally months. Just a few days ago Jordan and I spent probably close to half an hour trading links back and forth on g-chat. (You can learn a lot about a person when discussing the merits of different colored helmets, that's for sure. A lot of things you already knew get confirmed as well.) I'm quite pleased with my decision. This time of year is probably my favorite time to longboard as well. It's starting to get slightly brisk in the evenings but not so cold that you can't go out in a t-shirt still. The best time to go is at sunset in the fall when leaves are changing colors.

In other news, this week Becca and I go to California! I'm quite excited to skip town for a few days, even though it means missing a football game. Getting out of Utah is always a treat, one I hardly ever pass up. This will be my second time going to California within less than five months as well.

Oh, and yesterday I went impromptu wakeboarding with Lorraine and her cousin and his friends! It was brilliant. I've been a grand total of three times now. Every time I think I love it a little more. I'm also incredibly sore now. I'm pretty sure there's some official wakeboarding law that says you have to have an amazing go of it on your second last run. Then on your last run, right when you're completely confident in yourself, you biff it within a few moments and have your worst attempt of the day. Lorraine and I both experienced that. It was still wonderful, though. I'm definitely going to try to marry into a family with a boat, that's for sure.

What can I say? Life is beautiful. Senior year is magic. I'm definitely not forgetting to be awesome, and neither is anyone else in my life.

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