Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Things

Ten Secrets
Nine Loves

Eight Fears

Seven Wants

Six Places

Five Foods
Four Books
Three Films
Two Songs
One Picture

This is a thing I'm going to do whenever I want to blog but don't have any solid ideas. Deal? I technically stole this idea from my friend Jamie, and our friend Taylor is doing it as well! How quality is that? (Us sports journalism women stick together.)

And just as they have, I'm starting with ONE PICTURE.

So this is technically two pictures but that's okay. My old neighbor/bella amica Kaitlin took these pictures this past April. They're both just so me. The glasses. The bracelets. The t-shirt. The long hair. The green(ish) grass. The laughing. It's my favorite thing ever when people capture great candid pictures. I might go so far as to say this picture is (almost) me in a nutshell.

Last YouTube video I watched: Yelle- Que Veux Tu

1 comment:

Jamie Mo said...

Ha I love this! It's totally you. And I can't believe I started a trend. I feel real cool!