Monday, October 15, 2012

Two songs

I have been a terrible blogger as of late, especially in regard to finishing posts I've started. School and fun have both gotten the better of me.

I figured for my two songs I would share one recent love and then my all-time favorite song.

So for my recent love I present "Addicted" by Morgan Page. This is going to come across as incredibly hipster but this song really is, well, mainstream. (I know certain people in my life will be rolling their eyes and groaning as they read the word "mainstream," so I'm sorry friends. You know who you are.) I have listened to this song a great number of times this semester. It's not even the type of song I would usually even like, but for some reason I do. In the last two or so years I've really gotten into what I like to call indie folk music, stuff that's really chill and often has banjo, guitar, mandolin and ukulele. And this song is definitely not anything like indie folk music.

But my all-time favorite song . . . It's a Ben Folds slice of loveliness. "The Luckiest." I've been enthralled with this song for literally years. Everything about it is wonderful.

So there you have it. Two songs. Next up I believe is three films. Hopefully I write about those in a quicker fashion than I did these two songs. Life itself sometimes gets in the way of recording it, not that it's necessarily a bad thing. As of late I've been focused on midterms and other school related projects like that, not that I'm not focused on school projects otherwise. Like I mentioned at the beginning, fun stuff has been getting in the way of blogging as well. I promise posts full of epic stories in the very near future though!

Last YouTube video I watched: Doctor Who: P.S.

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