Thursday, April 4, 2013

In which I profusely apologize

Today was Thursday and Thursdays are pretty terrible in that I go to campus at 9 am and do not return to my apartment until 7:30 pm.

Upon returning home, I made a quick dinner, added a bunch of footnotes to my history paper, made a notecard for my Spanish presentation tomorrow and added a few bits of information to the PowerPoint. I originally expected all of that to take quite a long time but surprisingly I finished before 10! I'm not quite sure how I managed that but I did.

And so now it is time for bed. Not much exciting stuff went on today; my classes were same old, same old and my fun for the night consisted of watching an episode of Doctor Who with some of my friends and then coming home to watch a bunch of YouTube. There's not much better than ending a night with watching YouTube videos. At least to me.

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