Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday rain

Right now Becca and I are getting ready for our fake dates. I convinced Becca to text Kyle's twin brother Kirk and ask him to go my friend Chelsea's recital as well. Becca and I have wanted to go on a double date with them since the Murray Chick-Fil-A when Kyle called me Becca's "Kirk." (Becca had been saying how she wished I was there and Kyle commented how we seem to do everything together, hence the twin comparison.)

Here's some photo evidence of mine and Becca's fake twinship. (Possibly more to come.)

In other news, it rained a lot today! It was both awesome and notsome (the opposite of awesome if you didn't already know) because I had to walk to one of the farthest north buildings on campus for a scholarship luncheon. I did get quite wet but I also got an amazing, free lunch out of it. The rain was also super refreshing. I wore my Chacos and for some reason they make me fearless when it comes to stepping in puddles and traipsing across campus. Also, the way it smells before and after it rains is wonderful. Utah rain isn't quite as nice as Wisconsin rain but it's not terrible.

The rest of the day was spent on campus doing various things but perhaps my favorite part of the day was visiting my friend/TA Bradley so he could help me fix my paper for my Utah history class. We worked on the paper for maybe 15 or 20 minutes but I ended up being there for about an hour and a half because we got caught up talking. This is technically the third class we've taken together in the last three semesters; one class we were both students in and the other two he was the TA for. We made a pact that if I win the bracket tournament Professor Fluhman holds, I'll let him in on whatever I choose for my prize. Chances are I'll choose to go out to dinner w/ Fluhman and his awesome wife or to have Family Home Evening with the whole Fluhman family. I'm pretty excited to see if I pull out the win though. We're pretty sure I've got it locked up.

Winning that March Madness bracket challenge will probably make my entire collegiate experience feel  complete. I mean, as complete as it can be without yet having graduated.

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