Saturday, April 6, 2013

The BYU equivalent of spring break

Since we don't get spring break at BYU, I've decided that General Conference weekend is what we get instead. We get to sit on our couches for hours on Saturday and Sunday, spending time with friends and eating delicious snacks. That's as close to a break as we get here in Utah.

This morning Becca and I went to the Lava Lounge and got a free pancake breakfast! Our friends were nice enough to treat us to that while we watching the morning session of conference. It was great to be spread across all of the couches there with friends enjoying all the talks.

For lunch we all went to Chick-Fil-A and then to the park for a picnic! It was a bit windy so we didn't stay long but it was nice to be outside nonetheless. It's turned into a kind of tradition to have Chick-Fil-A picnics on the Saturday of conference. When we got back to the Lava Lounge after eating, Becca, Ryan, Ben and I ended up crowding around Becca's tablet watching N*SYNC music videos. I hardly know how that happened but it did. All four of us were crammed on, like, three couch cushions so that was fun.

Within minutes of the beginning of the afternoon session of talks, Ryan, who was to Becca's right, and Ben, who was to my left, had managed to get closer to us than they already had been and eventually put their heads on our shoulders. (Ben on mine and Ryan on Becca's.) Usually when you think of heads leaning on shoulders, it's the girls putting their heads onto guys' shoulders, right? Well, not at the Lava Lounge; at the Lava Lounge anything goes when it comes to shoulder leaning. At one point Becca and I made eye contact over both the boys' heads and smiled so big and laughed silently for a few minutes. It might sound strange to say but we both feel quite blessed to have these friends in our lives who are so comfortable with us and with each other that they'll drop their heads on our shoulders without a moment's notice or without even asking if it's all right to do: everyone just knows it is. They're our boys, through and through, the kind of friends that define my time at BYU.

After all that was said and done, Becca and I went grocery shopping (wearing our matching Keens) and made enchiladas for dinner! They were super delicious. We're basically unstoppable food-wise when we make something together.

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