Sunday, April 7, 2013

Somebody, somewhere

(Once again I failed to post on a given day!) This April seems busier than all previous collegiate Aprils. I'm spending more time doing schoolwork, more time with friends and more time preparing to leave for New York.

Sunday was basically like Saturday, though. Becca and I spent our day at the Lava Lounge again, complete with more head-to-shoulder leaning, though this time I took the initiative and stole Ben's shoulder before he could steal mine. Our break between sessions of General Conference was spent at Badger's. He held a nice little barbecue for friends in the neighborhood. It was delicious; he's kind of a master chef.

In the afternoon I caught up on some YouTube and other shows I watch on occasion while working on stuff for my InDesign class. When I got bored with my homework I switched over to designing something for fun. This is what I came up with.


I feel pretty proud of myself considering it's the first thing I've ever done just because I wanted to do it. My design class has easily become my favorite class of the semester. It turns out I actually have a really interesting sense of design, one that isn't bad in the slightest.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing watching Doctor Who at Lava Lounge and then Community at Peter's. It's awesome to have new episodes of "Who" to watch at Doctor Who night. There's a pretty big group of us who get together which makes it really fun. It's definitely a show that's more entertaining to watch in a group. And watching Community with Peter was great since we hadn't seen each other in almost 5 days which is a lot considering we live right across the street from each other and have all the same friends. But as always, a 20 minute episode of Community always turns into at least another two hours of talking. It seems quite impossible for us to spend less than two or three hours together whenever we see each other, which is going to make for an interesting couple of months while I'm in New York and he's still in Provo. I predict some long phone calls will be happening.

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