Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Key lime pie

This recipe came out while I was in New York, aka living without a kitchen, and I've been stoked to try it ever since then. My good friend Peter really likes key lime pie and I'm an awesome friend so I made it with the intent of sharing. At this time, the pie is in the refrigerator setting. I'm not going to lie: it doesn't look very good right now. Like, the filling just looks like I did something wrong. But when I was pouring it into the crust, I did taste some of it and it was DELICIOUS so I'm hoping it sets by the time Peter comes over.

I had to do some improv with this recipe, more than ever before.
  • I didn't have caster sugar so I just put a bunch of regular sugar in the food processor.
  • I also had to guess/Google on how much whatever amount of grams certain things were. I've done that plenty in the past but today I was unsure of my guesses because of how weird it looks.
  • The biggest improv moment came with not having a loose bottom pan. So instead I put parchment paper in the bottom of a cake pan and pushed the crust into it. Technically I think my pan is too big in diameter but we didn't have a smaller one. This is one reason I suspect my filling looks so weird sitting in the fridge right now.
I'm still plenty hopeful though! I mean, Peter can't exactly get mad at me if it doesn't look nice because I made him a freaking pie.

The biggest recommendation I have for anyone looking to make this recipe is make sure you don't have any paper cuts! Because when you're zesting/juicing the limes . . . What the freak it stung so bad. Out of no where the ring finger on my right hand felt like it was burning. Turns out there's a tiny, tiny cut on it.
Well, the pie was not set by 5 when Peter came over. That was a shame. (Instead we went to the store to buy batteries so we could play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii.) We re-scheduled pie eating time for later that night.

Well, around 10:30 that night I brought the pie to his house, ever hopeful it would be ready. But alas! Only some of the pie was set. It was pretty disappointing presentation-wise. Peter described it as crust with a lime soup on top, which did make me laugh. Just as I expected though, it tasted awesome.

I'm not quite sure what I screwed up but I'll definitely be making it again; it's a recipe I want to perfect. My favorite part of the pie was the crust made with ginger snap cookies. I quite like ginger snaps so to me it was the obvious choice for the crust on such a pie. Using the parchment paper in the pan actually worked great too!

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