Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Chicken & mango curry

In my "Re-commitment" post I described my plan to finally begin cooking again after having lived without a kitchen for two months. But it wasn't just cooking I was going to do; nay, it was cooking with recipes from Sorted Food. And last night that quest began.

My dear Ben took me grocery shopping and before heading out I made the most epic of lists. I organized it by the five recipes I wanted to make in the following week and even had an "other" section for food that I need but didn't go with any particular recipe. This week I'll be dining on chicken & mango curry (though technically I already made this one), sweet potato quesadillas, pizza swirl roll-up dealios, orange & soy chicken, and German burritos.

Last night, instead of hanging out with my friends, I talked with Becca on the phone while I made the curry. And goodness gracious what a great decision that was.

Honestly, the most difficult part of this recipe was the waiting. Putting together the chutney, mayo, yogurt, spice mixture takes mere minutes. Cooking the chicken doesn't take all that long either. But then you put it in the oven for 40 minutes. Granted, 40 minutes really isn't all that long but when you're cooking at 9 o'clock at night, 40 minutes feels like an eternity. And if you pre-cook the chicken and make the rice while the rest is in the oven, this meal really does take under an hour to prepare. I also made less than the recipe was actually for but still ended up with enough for a couple days worth of meals. I definitely plan on making this one again, in full proportions, for all of my friends. I know Kelly will especially love it since she's basically addicted to anything mango.

My favorite Thai dish is massaman so next time I make the chicken & mango curry I think I'll add in potatoes as well. I have a feeling they'd go really well with the flavor of the curry. Because it is made with mango chutney, the curry is kind of sweet and almost fruity. When I shared leftovers with Ben for lunch today he even asked if there was orange in it. Though there wasn't, that got me thinking that adding in a little orange could change things up nicely as well. I'm glad I got him over to my apartment to taste it because while I thought it was absolutely brilliant it's nice to have other people's confirmation. And he agreed it was delicious, evidenced by how he absolutely licked his bowl clean. (Seriously, it barely took any rinsing before I put it in the dishwasher.)

The next recipe I'll be doing? That's German burritos for Becca's return on Monday. I've already got some changes in mind for this one so hopefully it turns out well!

Last YouTube video I watched: Oh, JK Rowling - A Harry Potter Song (Yep, I'm bringing this back! I've quite missed it.)

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