Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Sweet potato quesadilla

I know I said the next recipe would be German burritos but I couldn't find white cabbage. Rather, they didn't have it at the grocery store I went to on Friday and I haven't been to any grocery stores since. Instead, we jumped right on ahead to sweet potato quesadillas! And I can say "we" because BECCA IS BACK.

Quesadillas are fantastically easy to make and can range from decent to DELICIOUS. This one was definitely of the delicious variety. If you've never thought to put sweet potatoes in a tortilla before, don't worry, neither had I. Trust me: it's brilliant and probably better than most homemade quesadillas you've had in the past.

Literally the most difficult part of this recipe was cutting the onions but that's only because I am terrible at it because of how much my eyes water. Eye pain is some of the worst pain I've ever experienced. Other than that, dicing the sweet potatoes was also somewhat challenging but that comes down to having such weaksauce knives. Either I forgot how dull the knives in my apartment are or they've just gotten super dull while I was gone for two months. The other day I said I was plenty happy to stay single on account of how getting married would mean getting rid of my Harry Potter bed sheets. But today I realized I am totally okay getting rid of those sheets if it means getting brand new kitchen stuff!

What I love about this recipe is how easy it is to customize. Like, I didn't want to buy bleu cheese so I used cheddar and a little mozzarella instead. I also added garlic to the red onions when I fried them up, a wonderful decision. Whenever I make these in the future I'm totally going to add chicken as well; that is, if I have chicken the next time I make them. You can honestly add basically anything you want to spice up the flavor even more. I'm sure my mom would want to add a million types of peppers or something like that. Oh, and for a dip you're supposed to use creme fraiche w/ chives in it, which according to Google creme fraiche is similar to sour cream, but I forgot to have it ready in time but it will be ready for tonight when Becca and I go for round 2.

Isn't this cooking thing great?! I'm having the time of my life. I won't even bother saying what's "next up" this time around since chances are it will change multiple times before I actually get around to cooking again. Though I'm really thinking I'll make the pizza swirl dealios on Friday night. Another thing I'll probably try making this weekend is key lime pie! I figure that'd be a good one to share w/ my dear friends.

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Mandla Radebe said...

You could just use any cabbage. That is what I am going to do when I make this recipe.