Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Sticky chicken

Spoiler alert: This is my new favorite Sorted recipe. It was another spontaneous cooking decision and it's by far the most rewarding thing I've made taste-wise. For how amazing it tasted, you would think it took a long while to make. I know I said in my last post that the next thing I would make is the tandoori chicken burger but I totally lied. The sticky chicken was too appetizing to pass up.

Sticky chicken is absolutely magical. And I loved the idea of vegetable kebabs because of how versatile they are. The vegetables I used were sweet potato, red pepper and carrots. I didn't have any zucchini around and I have never bought mushrooms in my entire life so that wasn't going to happen. Next time I'll definitely try to include zucchini though. I think adding red potatoes to the skewers could also be a good addition. While the vegetables were quite tasty, the chicken was amazing.

The sauce/glaze/marinade was so easy. Luckily we had a random jar of apricot jam in the fridge I used up and the only thing I was missing was Worcestershire sauce. I tried to find some substitutes for it but for all the things I looked up I didn't have the ingredients to make it work. I added in a little extra soy sauce to make up for it. While the sauce is supposed to caramelize a bit, that didn't happen for me. I'm not sure what the deal was with that but it didn't really make a difference. The chicken itself was incredibly tender and cooked perfectly so I didn't bother leaving it in the oven longer to see if the sauce would caramelize at all.

I didn't make a salad or rice to go with it but this morning for breakfast (yeah, I ate the leftovers for breakfast) I drizzled the sauce on some leftover rice, from my sweet potato curry, and boy was that great! I'll have to remember to make rice along with it next time. Though adding the vegetables, chicken and sauce to a salad could be fantastic as well.

If you need a super quick dinner, this is it. I love the idea of using the sauce for other things as well. Like, I don't always have chicken to use but the sauce could go great on any number of other foods. This would be a great meal to cook when having friends over as well because it's easy to make in large portions.

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