Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Spicy corndogs

I've never been a fan of corndogs. Ever. Like, at all. They're disgusting. I don't understand why people are so obsessed with them. (Sorry, Hank Green.) I knew I needed to try this recipe though after going shopping with Ben a month or so ago. It's something we do together fairly often these days and on that particular night he found a giant box of frozen corndogs and was all excited because it was on sale. I scoffed at him and begged him not to buy it because A) frozen food is just not as good as other food you actually cook and B) corndogs are gross altogether. So a few weeks later when Sorted posted their own recipe for corndogs, I was ecstatic to give Ben an actually tasty dinner.

The ingredients were all quite cheap and the most difficult part of this whole process, I found, is dipping the hot dogs in the batter. I really don't think I did anything wrong when making the "corn" part of the corndog but it still seemed to be extra thick. I added some milk to thin it out which helped a bit but it still didn't look quite right. When it came to covering the hot dogs, wow, that was a strange struggle. I used the tip they gave in the video by covering the hot dog in cornstarch and then using a tall glass but it didn't quite work out. It's not that it didn't work at all but it just didn't work very well. The thickness of the batter definitely had something to do with it but I figured out a weird system of dipping the hot dogs on the skewers into the glass of batter and then using a spoon to make sure it was (for the most part) evenly distributed and totally covered. The frying itself was also much less intimidating than I thought it would be. I'd never submerged anything in oil before but of course I've heard any number of oil frying horror stories. Literally nothing happened besides my corndogs turning a nice golden brown.

Ben was super excited when he came in and found out I had made corndogs, plus the super simple dipping sauce of mayo, lime zest and cilantro. His face really was surprised. And even though they looked kind of weird, they were perfectly golden and perfectly cooked. Ben complimented them over and over which, coming from a corndog lover like himself, made me feel pretty good about the first attempt. He also said it was the best corndog he ever had and he loved the batter. I also found myself actually enjoying a corndog for the first time, so that was pretty exciting. I'll definitely be making them again.

As for the next up recipe, I'm really interested to try the tandoori chicken burger. Does that not look amazing?! And while I practically despise baking, I'm also quite enamored with the idea chocolate caramel cookies.

I suppose a mini-life update might also be in order so here goes:

  • A super long time ago now, Becca, Stacy and I went to Stacy's house to go boating and spend the night. It was awesome.
  • I've significantly improved at bowling in the last few weeks.
  • In the last month or so Peter and I have gone mini-golfing, almost finished "The Office," hit the streets longboarding a bunch, celebrated his birthday with lots of delicious food, gone to soccer and football games and there's definitely other stuff we've done as well.
  • Ben and I had a Friday movie night w/ just us a few weeks back. We watched Schindler's List, which neither of us had seen before. It was fun in so much as watching a movie about the Holocaust can be considered a "fun" Friday night activity.
  • My new thing for my friends' birthdays is making posters. So Ben's had a Lion King quote, Ryan's was from HottieBoombaLottie and Peter's had one from How I Met Your Mother. Becca's poster is up next and it's Doctor Who inspired.
  • I found my Flip cam! I thought I'd forgotten it in Wisconsin when I went home for Christmas.
  • I bought a plane ticket home for the BYU/Wisconsin football game. #gobadgers

Last YouTube video I watched: The Art Assignment

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Mandla Radebe said...

I was thinking about making these corn dogs as well. You should also check out Alton Brown's recipe for corn dogs.