Friday, October 4, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Torn chicken with arrabiata wholewheat pasta

On a total whim I searched the Sorted website for a new pasta dish. I didn't have any chicken so really I was making this dish for the sauce. I worked until 5 on Wednesday evening so the first thing I did when I got back to my apartment was scrounge around in the kitchen for ingredients.

The sauce for this dish was so good. I felt terrible because I didn't have chopped tomatoes or tomato puree so I used sauce from a jar. I don't like doing that but there was plenty added to it so I don't think anyone would've known the base was some Prego. I wish I did have chicken to add to the pasta but the pasta and sauce itself was still quite nice. Becca's favorite part of this dish was the chili flakes in the sauce. It wasn't spicy by any means but added a little something extra that you don't normally get with sauces. I also didn't have wholewheat pasta, though that's not out of the ordinary. I use Dreamfields pasta. A little more expensive but I've found I really do like it quite a bit more than other brands.

Nothing about this recipe is even slightly difficult, either. Making sauce and boiling pasta are about as simple as it gets. For the small amount of work, you get a great payoff in taste. What's great about pasta recipes is the versatility you have to use whatever type of pasta you want. I used angel hair this first time I made it but maybe next time I'll use penne or rotini. It's just so interesting that the shape of pasta can change the feel of the dish.

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