Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Herby carbonara and charred chicken

Yesterday (and it actually was yesterday this time) I was sitting around my apartment, trying to brainstorm what to eat for probably two hours. Throughout that time I was watching Jimmy Wong's vlogs along with a bunch of other things on YouTube. I'd seen the herby carbonara and charred chicken recipe come up over and over again while searching dishes on the Sorted website but I always skipped over it after seeing you needed some kind of cream for the sauce. But last night I decided to actually check my fridge. Lo and behold, I actually had a kind of cream that would work!

As previously mentioned, I basically never have bread so croutons were out, which is really sad because I love croutons immensely. It was a Friday night around 7 o'clock so I also didn't care too much that I didn't have any pancetta. All I wanted was some hearty pasta and chicken. And that's what I got. I don't recall ever having carbonara before, like ever, so it was a new pasta experience.

At first I was worried I made too much of the sauce or not enough pasta or a combination of both because there was a lot of liquid in the dish when I combined the pasta, chicken and sauce. After a little bit everything came together, however, and it thickened up perfectly. My one regret with this recipe was not having fresh parsley. It could've been even tastier than it already was. But having a great romano cheese makes up for a lot in my book, which I always do have. What I really appreciated about this dish was the chicken, though. When I make pasta, I generally don't bother with meat. Usually it's because I'm in a hurry or I somehow always used the last of it up on something else. But the grilled chicken, seasoned with just salt and pepper, is a perfect complement to the herby egg mixture.

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