Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anna Does Sorted: Special fried rice

Spontaneity strikes again, this time it was Wednesday night after work, and in the form of Chinese food. I've realized that I basically never plan out my meals anymore. I just hope Sorted has a recipe for the ingredients I have sitting around. I've been quite lucky thus far.

Sorted's fried rice definitely has the feel on an old school video, even though it's only from 2011. I definitely remember watching it when it first came out as well, so it shows you how prompt I was at trying recipes once upon a time.

What's so nice about this recipe, and other stir fry type recipes, is the ability to personalize the food. Like, the recipe calls for mushrooms but that's not really my thing so I substituted a bunch of different vegetables instead. And I never have prawns in my kitchen so I went vegetarian on this one, though I totally considered adding chicken instead. The one piece of this recipe I didn't have, but I wish I would've, is the bacon. I've never added anything like that to fried rice before and it sounds like a neat addition.

The one major thing I changed was adding hoisin sauce along with the soy sauce. Generally speaking fried rice gets too salty because too much soy sauce gets added. A "splash" of soy sauce with the addition of the hoisin made the rice and vegetables really flavorful without being too overpowering.

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