Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking Stock

My friend Lindsey posted this neato list to her Tumblr ages ago and it looked like the perfect way for me to update this blog now that I'm graduated from college. It's called "Taking Stock."

  • Making: lots of potential plans
  • Cooking: anything and everything from Sorted Food, as always
  • Drinking: water, water and more water. Also, Naked juice.
  • Reading: Veronica Roth's Insurgent if I decide to cough up the money to buy it for my Kindle
  • Wanting: a consistent flow of income
  • Looking: forward to potentially spending all day tomorrow in a parking lot
  • Playing: lots of Spelltower on my phone
  • Wasting: electricity by forgetting to turn off the light in my bedroom
  • Wishing: it would snow again
  • Enjoying: watching lots of YouTube
  • Waiting: for my blankets to be done in the washer so I can put them in the dryer
  • Liking: how cozy my Nordic one piece is
  • Wondering: why some people are so much better than others at following through
  • Loving: all the free time I have
  • Hoping: I get more free Chick-Fil-A
  • Marveling: at how good my friend Ben looks with a beard
  • Needing: to make some kind of curry this week
  • Smelling: the baked potato my roommate Stacy just made (at least I think it's a potato that I smell)
  • Wearing: thermal socks, green H&M jeans, a White Sox jersey, a Nike track jacket for the Hood to Coast Relay, aka a race I never ran and never will run
  • Following: Charles Trippy's battle with brain cancer on CTFxC
  • Noticing: how bare the living room looks without all the Christmas decorations up
  • Knowing: how awesome it is that while we're unemployed Peter and I get to hang out and go grocery shopping and watch Community
  • Thinking: that once my complex gets Google Fiber I'll cry tears of joy
  • Bookmarking: new recipes and colorful sneakers
  • Giggling: at how awkward and inventive and awesome Grace Helbig is

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