Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013: The Best Of

Not all of these films/books/YouTube channels etc. came out in 2013 nor did I first get exposed to them that year, obviously. But they made an important appearance in my life this past year, ergo their inclusion on this list.

Monsters University
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Desolation of Smaug
Scott Pilgrim
Catching Fire

YouTube videos/channels:

The Madness Underneath

Twitter pages:
Musical artists:
We The Kings
The Killers
The Head And The Heart
Imagine Dragons
Smoke Signals

Television shows:
Teen Wolf
The Office
30 Rock

Road trips:
St. George


Other events:

Going to the Imagine Dragons concert with Stacy and Lorraine before Lorraine left on her mission

Living in New York for a few months


Talking with Cameron literally hours before I flew to New York

Sitting by a small lake in Yellowstone one Sunday afternoon

Talking with Peter one Saturday evening after work and him buying me Taco Bell for dinner

Kelly and I spending 12+ hours a day together and never getting tired of each other

Visiting the Atlantic Ocean for the first time

Being sent by my editor to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone

Cameron sending me on a quest to a specific part of Central Park and then to buy cookies

Writing a huge article for my capstone class

Realizing I not only love graphic design but that I'm also good at it

Making a new friend because of my VPLCT jersey

Getting Peter into longboarding and helping him buy his own

Being opinion editor for the summer

Going to lunch with my all-time favorite professor and his awesome wife

Flying home to Wisconsin for the BYU/Wisconsin football game

Seeing Arthur Darvill perform in Once on Broadway

Cameron and Angela's wedding

Fake graduating in August & real graduating in December

Spending the rest of summer in Utah after living in New York

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