Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anna Does Sorted: Banoffee cupcakes

On Wednesday night Peter came over and asked me a question I've always wished someone would ask me, "Can we look at your YouTube playlist of cooking stuff and see what desserts there are?" At first I suggested we make the Nutella and salted caramel cookies but he shot that down so he opted instead for the banoffee cupcakes. I mean, we couldn't exactly go wrong with any of the Sorted Food choices but those cupcakes are DIVINE.

This was another recipe that's been around for some time that I never got around to making so even though I wanted those chocolate caramel cookies so bad I was actually pretty pleased that Peter wanted these instead. So off we went, Peter, Kelly and I, to the store to buy the ingredients. (Kelly came over so I could give her the poster I made for her Christmas present and got wrangled in to baking as well!)

As always, there was some conversion improv involved in making the cupcakes. The mix turned out quite thick so I was worried I'd messed up how much flour, brown sugar, etc. needed to be added. Kelly and Peter both put on faces of, "I don't know. I don't use the oven or bake," so I added a little water to maybe help with the consistency and hoped for the best. Turns out we did everything right, or some version of "right," and the cupcakes looked an awesome golden color on top when we took them out of the oven.

My favorite part of the banoffee cupcakes is the icing. Those who know me well know that I absolutely love frosting/icing. I always take corner pieces of cake, I lick all utensils used for frosting anything and I gladly eat chocolate frosting out of the can. The icing for these cupcakes was perhaps some of the greatest I've ever had. Using brown sugar as well as powdered sugar is definitely key.

Normally I hate baking but I've come to the conclusion that I like baking when I'm doing it with friends. Kelly and Peter made it totally bearable and infinitely more fun than if I'd done it alone. It definitely embodied what Sorted is all about: good food with good friends.

Last YouTube video I watched: Cuddling Koalas

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